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The following electronic resources are funded by the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium (MVLC), the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, and the Massachusetts Library System. As a Hamilton-Wenham Public Library and MVLC member library card holder, you may access these high-quality local, state, and regionally funded resources for full-text periodicals, health and business resources, biographical and literary resources, as well as general research, both from within the library or from home.

Electronic resources with a From Home link may require you to use your 14-digit MVLC library card barcode number for remote access.

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Funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners


Business Resources

Funded by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

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Don't forget our other invaluable resources. Just click on our Hamilton-Wenham Electronic Resources to access all resources we subscribe to at the institutional level.

Please call the Reference Librarian with any questions you may have regarding these resources.

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