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Go Green at Hamilton-Wenham

The Hamilton-Wenham Public Library is a proud recipient of the How Green Is My Library? grant, which awards funds to be spent on web support, collection development, programs and promotions for green living. Our GoGreen pages provide information about green topics of local interest, such as composting, organic food, energy savings and toxins reduction, and provide you with resources that will enable you to go green.

Be sure to check back frequently as this page and its subpages continue to expand over the coming weeks and months!

grassAn Important Press Release...
GoGreen Library Events
Special GoGreen Pages
Electronic Resources With A Green Focus
Print and Media Resources
Library Director's GoGreen Blog
Additional Local Resources
Brought to you by...

An Important Press Release...

The Hamilton-Wenham Public Library won an important grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

The Hamilton-Wenham Public Library received a $ 6,166 How Green is My Library federal IMLS/LSTA grant to be used for environmental resources, programs and electronic resource promotion. Upon learning that the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library received the federal grant, Jan Dempsey, director of the library, said: "I am excited about this opportunity to provide more resources to our community and to partner with municipal offices and local groups such as Hamilton-Wenham Green and the League of Women Voters.  In September, many citizens received postcards from Sagewell, Inc. concerning the thermal imaging of their homes.  We encourage folks to continue to come to the reference desk if they want assistance accessing their home's data online. We are excited about this opportunity to disseminate print and electronic information that will help our patrons save energy, maintain nontoxic homes and promote a healthier community." The federal funds will be used to purchase library materials, offer educational programs, and create "Go Green" web pages at  Information about measures taken to save energy at the library and the new vermicomposting station will be on display at the Tenth Anniversary Gala on November 6 from 1-4 PM.  Please call 978-468-5577 for more information.

Under federal legislation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services,
through the Library Services and Technology Act of 1996, provides funds to each state using a population based formula. The State agency receiving the funds may use the appropriation to support statewide initiatives and services; they may also distribute the funds through grant competitions or cooperative agreements to public, academic, research, school, and special libraries. Federal funds support primarily activities using technology for information sharing between libraries and other community services. They also fund programs making library resources more accessible to urban, rural, or low income residents, or others who have difficulty using library services. For more information about the federal IMLS/LSTA grants, please visit the IMLS Web site at, or visit the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners web site at

GoGreen Library Events

Do you want a refresher on a program you attended,
or to learn about one you missed?
Ask for the GoGreen Program Materials folder
at the Reference desk to take extras or to make copies!

On February 15th, Heidi Wilcox of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute presented Reducing Toxins in Your Home, a talk on the many ways in which toxic items are present in everyday items that we use in the home. She also presented alternatives and make-it-yourself versions.

Sally Zimmerman, Manager of Historic Preservation Services at Historic New England, presented Energy Retrofits and the Historic Home: Weighing Risk and Opportunities on February 29th. This valuable program focused on improvements to older houses without damaging historic fabric. Sally provided an historic preservation perspective on insulation, window repair, air sealing, and renewable energy options in the historic home.

Gretel Clark held a series of four H-W Trash Q&A sessions in March and April, helping people with their questions, concerns, and problems with the new recycling and trash pickup guidelines.

On March 6, Alison Hardy of Window Woman of New England presented on Repair of Wooden Windows. Alison was featured in This Old House and the New York Times. An expert on repair and restoration of wooden windows, her philosophy is "Save Energy, Save Money, Save History: Restoration not Replacement."  

Master Gardener Betty Sanders presented Dirt On Your Hands, Soil In The Garden on March 7th. She believes that the soil we plant in is the most overlooked aspect of gardening, and discussed how using gardening methods which improve rather than hurt the soil, with an emphasis on turning kitchen and gardening waste into compost, can create gardens from the ground up.

On March 28th our children's room held a Create a Collage! activity as a tie-in with our community read, The Mangrove Tree.

The next day, March 29th, Mangrove Tree Author and Illustrator Susan L. Roth and illustrator Cindy Trumbore came to the library to discuss their book: a fascinating synthesis of children's poetic narrative and nonfiction documentary, with paper and mixed media illustrations, about the work and life of Dr. Gordon Sato.

Dr. Sato came himself that evening for The Manzanar Project with Dr. Gordon Sato at Gordon College, where he discussed his enormously successful hunger-fighting initiative, planting mangroves in Eritrea, Africa, crediting his early inspirations as a young man growing corn to feed his family in the Manzanar Internment Camp. View Dr. Sato's inspirational and moving presentation here:

You can also visit his Manzanar Project webpage for more information.

On April 4th, Betty Sanders returned to discuss Healthy Lawns and Lawn Alternatives. "How much lawn do you use? How much do you need? What can you do with the rest of your property?" Betty focussed on how people can care for their lawn with minimal environmental impact, and without breaking the bank.

Lisa Spence of the Salem Community Cardens presented on the ins and outs of home composting in Vermicomposting on April 11th. Attendees asked many questions and had an opportunity to view our library's vermicomposter, learning about the 2,000 red worms who call it home.

grassMiniatures by Winson Morrill were on display at the library throughout the month of May. Winson is a Hamilton resident and was featured on the Boston's Channel's Chronicle HD for his skillfully executed miniatures. His pieces are amazing examples of recycled art: he uses the wood from former buildings (for example, the original Beverly Hospital) to make his ships in bottles.

We also hosted a display by The Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands, which included a map of the National Park, its origins, 
directions, and the geological, plant and animal features on the 
islands.   There was also information about America's first lighthouse. We thank the Friends for their kind donation of three books: East of Boston: Notes from the Harbor Islands, Kings Handbook of Boston Harbor and Chestnuts, Galls, and Dandelion Wine: Useful Wild Plants of the Boston Harbor Islands.

On May 2nd, Robert Reid, founder of the Organic Garden Cafe, gave a presentation on Going Green With Your Diet, in which he inspired patrons to grow and use their own fresh ingredients in raw food creations.

Tina Woolston, Director of the Office of Sustainability at Tufts University, presented The Climate Reality Project on Wednesday, May 30th. Founded and chaired by Al Gore and with over five million members and supporters worldwide, the Project "is guided by one simple truth: the climate crisis is real and we know how to solve it."

That night we also held the drawing for our GoGreen Library Bingo challenge. Patrons submitted their completed Bingo sheets for the chance to win a gift basket. Congratulations go to Tricia for the winning entry.

Vic and Sticks' Recycled Rhythm Band gave a fast-paced interactive performance on Wednesday, June 27th, championing the cause of kindness and sharing the message that everyone can make a difference through respect for oneself, other people, and the entire planet. Empty plastic bottles were handed out to the volunteers and transformed into percussive musical instruments, demonstrating the possibilities of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle."

On Saturday, July 21st there was a Monarch Butterfly Program. Boston College professor Dr. Charlie Hoffman spoke about the identification, collection and care of Monarch eggs and caterpillars, and even how to raise them at home.

There was also a special program about BATS! by the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary on Thursday, July 26th.

On Tuesday, September 25th, weather observer and author Eric Pinder gave a presentation on Mount Washington: Home of the World's Worst Weather. He related the peculiar pleasures of living and working as a member of the Mount Washington Observatory crew and discussed Mount Washington's distinctive geology and weather.

Tuesday also marked the end of our Sunflower Growing Contest., which began back in May. Participants used the seeds we provided, together with the soil and fertilizers of their choice, to grow big, beautiful sunflowers. The library received 14 entries altogether. Congratulations go to the Dobbins family, who swept the two winning categories: tallest sunflower (12'10 1/4'') and largest sunflower head (13'' in diameter.)

Thanks also go to local Hamilton student Julia, who created a Jing video earlier in the year, demonstrating how to use our subscription to the InfoTrac databases to research sunflowers and learn about growing them. It was a great help!

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On Wednesday, September 26th, Eric Seaborn of Mass. DCR Urban & Community Forestry talked about to Stop the Asian Longhorned Beetle, an invasive species that is endangering thousands of trees, by knowing its life cycle, recognizing the signs of its presence, and distinguishing it from other insect lookalikes.

Special GoGreen Pages

Our special GoGreen pages provide a closer definition of the topic in question, together with a selection of relevant titles and other resources for further exploration.

book coverComposting

Energy Savings

Organic Food

Toxins Reduction

The Mangrove Tree
(a community read)

Electronic Resources With A Green Focus

You could run riot on the internet as you research going green - or, you can start with our list of electronic resources, and collections of resources, with a particularly Green focus. This is a great way to find reliable, vetted information on a given subject.

For access to all of our databases, visit our Online Databases and our Hamilton-Wenham Databases.

Print and Media Resources

Visit our catalog to search all of our holdings. Below is just a sampling of some of our excellent green titles in both print and media form.



  My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles
River in Pursuit of a New

Gessner, David
304.2 GES
  47 Things You Can Do for the

Petronis, Lexi
Y 333.72 PET
  The Doomsday Machine: The High Price
of Nuclear Energy, the World's Most Dangerous Fuel

Cohen, Martin
333.792 COH
  Geothermal Power
Mooney, Carla
Y 333.8 MOO
  Blue Revolution: Unmaking America's
Water Crisis

Barnett, Cynthia
333.9100973 BAR
  The World Without Fish
Kurlansky, Mark
333.95 KUR
  Meat: A Benign Extravagance
Fairlie, Simon
338 FAI
  Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability
Berkshire Pub. Group
R 338.9 BER
Vol. 1 The Spirit of Sustainability
Vol. 2
The Business of Sustainability
  Run To Failure: BP and the Making
of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

Lustgarten, Abrahm
363.11 LUS
  Toxic Free: How to Protect Your Health
and Home From the Chemicals That Are
Making You sick

Dadd, Debra Lynn
363.19 DAD
  Eco Barons: The Dreamers, Schemers,
and Millionaires Who Are Saving Our

Humes, Edward
363.7 HUM
  Waste Management: A Reference

Vaughan, Jacqueline
363.72 VAU
  The Atlantic Coast: A Natural History
Thurston, Harry
508.3163 THU
  Science In 100 Key Breakthroughs
Parsons, Paul
509 PAR
  History of Earth In 100
Groundbreaking Discoveries

Palmer, Douglas
550 PAL
  Among the Clouds: Work, Wit & Wild
Weather At the Mount Washington

Pinder, Eric
551.6974 PIN
  Encyclopedia of Invasive Species
Woodward, Susan L.
R 577.18 ENC
  The Wild Trees:
A Story of Passion and Daring

Preston, Richard
585.5097 PRE
Y 585.50 PRE
  The Miracle of Apple Cider Vinegar:
Practical Tips For Health, Home, &

Stanway, Penny
615.323 STA
  Earth Ponds: The Country Pond
Maker's Guide To Building, Maintenance,
and Restoration

Matson, Tim
627.86 MAT
  Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with

Humes, Edward
628.4 HUM
  Career Opportunities In Agriculture,
Food, and Natural Resources

Echaore-McDavid, Susan
630.203 ECH
no cover
  Breaking Through Concrete: Building
an Urban Farm Revival

Hanson, David
630.9173 HAN
no cover
  The Organic Farmer's Business

Hanson, David
631.5 WIS
no cover
  The Complete Guide To Growing

Everhart, Cherie H.
635 EVE
no cover
  The Complete Guide To Growing and
Using Sprouts

Helweg, Richard
635 HEL
no cover
  MiniFarming: Self Sufficiency On
a 1/4 Acre

Markham, Brett L.
635 MAR
no cover
  Fresh Food From Small Spaces
Ruppenthal, R. J.
635 RUP
no cover
  Folks, This Ain't Normal:
A Farmer's Advice For Happier Hens,
Healthier People, and a Better World

Salatin, Joel
635.048 SAL
  American Grown: The story of the
White House Kitchen Garden and
Gardens Across America

Obama, Michelle
635.09753 OBA
  How To Grow Potatoes
Bird, Richard
635.21 BIR
  How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants
That Purify Your Home or Office

Wolverton, B. C.
635.9 WOL
  The Soil and Health: A Study of
Organic Agriculture

Howard, Albert
635.987 HOW
  The Rescue of Belle & Sundance
Stutz, Birgit
636.08 STU
  Free-range Chicken Gardens:
How To Create A Beautiful,
Chicken-friendly Yard

Bloom, Jessi
636.5 BLO
  The Beekeeper's Bible: Bees, Honey,
Recipes & Other Home Uses

Jones, Richard
638 JON
  Worms Eat My Garbage
Appelhof, Mary
639 APP
  The Worm Book: The Complete
Guide to Growing Earthworms For
Composting and Gardening

Appelhof, Mary
639 NAN
  Wildlife Heroes: 40 Leading
Conservationists and the Animals
They Are Committed To Saving

Scardina, Julie
639.9 SCA
  Shift Your Habit: Easy Changes to Save
Your Money, Simplify Your Life,
and Save the Planet

Rogers, Elizabeth
640 ROG
  The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide
To the Sustainable Food Revolution

Tull, Deborah Eden
641.013 TUL
  Ball Complete Book of Home

Kingry, Judi
641.42 COM
  Wild Fermentation: The Flavor,
Nutrition, and Craft of Live-culture

Katz, Sandor Ellix
641.7 KAT
  Cut Your Energy Bills Now
Bruce, Harley
644 HAR
  Save Energy and Cut Your Bills
White, Nick
644 WHI

Green $ense For the Home:
Rating the Real Payoff From
50 Green Home Projects

Freed, Eric Corey
643.7 FRE


If I had a Hammer: More Than
100 Easy Fixes and Weekend

Ridout, Andrea
643.7 RID


The Carbon Buster's Home Energy

Stoyke, Godo
644 STO

  The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly
House Cleaning: Everything You
Need to Know Explained Simply

Kocsis, Anne B.
648 KOC
  Residential Windows: A Guide
To New Technologies and Energy

Carmody, John
690.1823 RES
  The Complete Guide To Alternative
Home Building Materials & Methods

Nunan, Jon
690.8 NUN
  Your Green Home: A Guide To
Planning a Healthy, Environmentally
Friendly New Home

Wilson, Alex T.
690.8 WIL
  Your Green Abode: A Practical Guide
to a Sustainable Home

Miner, Tara Rae
690.8047 MIN
  Green From the Ground Up: Sustainable,
Healthy, and Energy-efficient Home

Johnston, David
690.837 JOH
  Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audits
Findley, David S.
696 FIN
  Toward a Zero Energy Home: A Complete
Guide To Energy Self-Sufficiency At Home

Johnston, David
696 JOH
  The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing
Meyers, Charlie and Kirk Deeter
799.124 MEY
  Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing the Way
We Eat, One Hunt At a Time

Pellegrini, Georgia
799.2082 PEL
  My Work Is That of Conservation:
An Environmental Biography of
George Washington Carver

Hersey, Mark D.
  Teaching A Man To Fish By Raising

Schuttloffel, Marvin J.

Books On CD

  The Stokes Field Guide To Bird Songs:
Eastern Region

Stokes, Donald and Lillian


  Blue Gold: World Water Wars
Purple Turtle Films
  No Impact Man
Oscilloscope Pictures
  Food, Inc.
Magnolia Home Entertainment
Ripple Effect Productions
no cover
Disinformation Co.
DVD/ 338 Tapped
no cover
  The World According To Monsanto
National Film Board of Canada
  Six Degrees Could Change the World
National Geographic
DVD/ 551 SIX
Docurama Films
  The Farmer and the Horse
Hundred Year Films
  Dirt! The Movie
Common Ground Media, Inc.
  The Garden
Oscilloscope Pictures
DVD/ 635 Garden
no cover
  Vanishing of the Bees
Hive Mentality Films

Children's Books

  The Sea, the Storm and the
Mangrove Tangle

Cherry, Lynne
  Watch Out, World - Rosy Cole is Going

Greenwald, Sheila
  Cat In the Clouds
Pinder, Eric
  Miss Fox's Class Goes Green
Spinelli, Eileen
  Secrets of the Garden: Food Chains and
the Food Web In Our Backyard

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner
  Earth's Growing Population
Reiter, Chris
J 304.6 REI
  Maintaining Earth's Oceans
Heinrichs, Ann
J 333.91 HEI
  Reducing Garbage
Barraclough, Sue
J 363.72 BAR
  Preserving the Living Earth
Petersen, Christine
J 577 PET
  The Mangrove Tree: Planting
Trees to Feed Families

Roth, Susan L.
J 577.69 ROT
  Biomimicry: Inventions Inspired By

Lee, Dora
J 608 LEE
  How Hybrid Cars Work
Swanson, Jennifer
J 629.222 SWA

Remember to check our Special GoGreen Pages for books that focus on the subjects of home energy savings, composting, organic food, and toxins reduction.

Library Director's GoGreen Blog

Library Director Jan Dempsey maintains the GoGreen Blog, where she blogs about programs and resources for home energy savings, composting, organic food, and toxins reduction.

Visit the blog for the latest pictures of our vermicomposter, or Jan's LibraryThing list of the latest books bought with our "How Green is My Library" grant money.

Additional Local Resources

Sagewell Imaging does Hamilton-Wenham

Hamilton-Wenham Green

Town of Hamilton Department of Public Works

Town of Wenham Community Services

Brought To You By...

IMLS logoThis project is being funded through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners with funds from LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act), a Federal source of library funding provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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