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10 x A Reader at the Hamilton-Wenham Library

Can you read 1,000 books? 100 books?
We invite you to join our multi-year, personal reading challenge!

Beginning January 15, 2021, register for one of our Ten Times a Reader Books Before reading challenges. Sign up any time and read at your own pace — all ages are invited! The program is free. As you log books you will be eligible to win badges and prizes. If you read and log at least one book a month, you’ll be entered into a monthly raffle for a gift card to a local business. There will be a prize for reading 50 books and a grand prize for reading 100 books for the teen and adult challenges.  Children’s prize levels are frequent and varied.  You can earn prizes throughout your reading journey as you hit different milestones:

  • 1000 Books Before Kindergarten
  • 300 Books Before Middle School
  • 100 Books Before High School
  • 100 Books Before Graduation
  • 100 Books Before…

Is this your first time using Beanstack, our online reading challenges platform? Create your account below, enter the challenge for your age group, then start earning badges and prizes! Or, if you’ve already registered, just log into your account and enter a new challenge!

Get Started

  • Sign in or create your Beanstack reading challenges account at
  • Sign up individually, or keep track of all family members’ reading progress and rewards with the same account.
  • Log your books from home or on the go. Beanstack is browser-based, but has a mobile-friendly app. The Beanstack app is available for iOS and Android.

There are separate challenges and prizes for children, teens, and adults. Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate challenge based on your grade or age group. All prizes must be picked up at the library.

Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this and why should I sign up?
Great question! There are five separate challenges, so you should sign up for the one that fits your grade or age group: 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is for ages 0-5; 300 Books Before Middle School is for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade; 100 Books Before High School is for Fifth Grade through Eighth Grade, 100 Books Before Graduation is for Ninth Grade through 12 Grade, and 100 Books Before . . . is for ages 19-109. In all of these challenges you will have the opportunity to read books of your choice and enjoy fun perks, such as monthly raffles, a grand prize upon completion, expert book recommendations from our Librarians, and major bragging rights!

What if I am somewhere in the middle of the grade range for the challenges?
Just enter the challenge that matches your grade or age. If you read and log at least one book a month you will be entered in the monthly raffle for a gift card. When you are ready, grade-wise, for the next challenge you can enter it and start at the beginning point for that challenge. For example, if you are in grade 4, you are eligible to enter the 300 Books Before Middle School challenge, but when you get to the summer before grade 5 you can enter the next challenge which is 100 Books Before High School, which will increase your odds of earning the grand prize at the end.

Can I use the same book more than once on my log if I re-read it?
For teen and adult reading challenges we would like for you to read separate titles, so you have the chance to read as many books as possible. We still encourage you to re-read your favorites just for fun!

Can I log books that I read before the date I signed up for the challenge?
No, everyone starts from the point they sign up. We know this is will be tricky for those of you who sign up when you’re already part-way through the time frame of the challenge, but consider that an extra challenge!

I started a book, but didn’t like it and don’t want to finish it. Can I still add it to my list?
If you have given the book a genuine shot by reading at least 50% of it, then you can add it to your list. We don’t want to force you to read anything you’re not enjoying when there are so many other great books out there.

What are the prizes?
There will be monthly raffles (for at least the first 6 months) for two gift cards (one for children, and one for teens/adults) for every participant who has read at least one book that month. For the middle school, high school, and adult challenges there will also be a half-way prize once you have read 50 books and a grand prize once you have completed the program and read all 100 books! For the children’s challenges, there will also be many prizes for milestones reached along the way.

I finished 100 Books Before High School. Can I also sign up for 100 Books Before Graduation?
Yes! We encourage everyone to participate in the programs, as long as you’re the right age!

I don’t know what to read!
Don’t worry, we know 100 books is a lot and we’re here to help! Check out our website for awesome book lists made by our Children and Teen Librarians, or submit this form to get personalized recommendations.  For Children’s, check out our Goodreads Bookshelf.

100 books seems like a lot. How will I have time to read that many?
We don’t expect you to complete this program in a week, a month, or even a year. We encourage you to join challenges at the earliest opportunity possible, which would give you four years to complete any of the challenges. Everyone reads at their own pace, so enjoy the process and take your time.

Do audiobooks count? What about graphic novels?
Yes, absolutely! Listening to an audiobook or listening to someone read a book to you counts as having read that book. Graphic novels and manga count too. You can read books in whatever way and format works best for you.

Can I add the books I need to read for school?
Yes. We would encourage you to also read at least some books just for fun, but mandatory reading counts too.

I read my 100 books and I still have time before the program ends to read another 100 books. Can I enter this program again?
Wow, congratulations! We’re thrilled that you want to participate again, but, due to limited prizes you can only officially participate and be eligible for prizes one time. You are still more than welcome to track another 100 books on your own, just for fun. Remember, if you’ve just completed the 100 Books Before High School program, you can still participate in the 100 Books Before Graduation program as soon as you reach the summer before you enter ninth grade.