Reading Challenge 2023

The Hamilton-Wenham Public Library is a proud reading partner of the Mass Center for the Book Reading Challenge.  We are running a series of raffles for our patrons concurrently with the Mass Center for the Book contest.  Visit their page to find out more about how their contest works – it is separate from ours!

To participate in the Hamilton-Wenham Library’s contest, read a book from each month’s category as outlined in the Mass Center for the Book Reading Challenge.  Then, complete a contest entry form for each book that you read.  Contest entry forms are on the table at the end of the first floor Circulation Desk.  Drop the form in the raffle box and you’re good to go.  If you read multiple books in a category, you may enter a form for each title!  Prizes will be drawn in March, June, September and December.

Download our flier with all the prompts, or read the text-only list below:

  • January: A book less than 100 pages in length
  • February: A book set in your home town/city or state
  • March: A Mass Book Awards honoree*
    *”What we mean by honoree is anyone who made the longlist as well as anyone who ended up winning or receiving an honor.  You can find a list of this year’s and past award honorees on our website here.”
  • April: A collection of poetry
  • May: A book of nonfiction on a subject new to you
  • June: A book set in a country you’ve never visited
  • July: A book borrowed from your local library
  • August: A book in translation
  • September: A book whose author shares your first or last name
  • October: A bestseller from the year you turned 18
  • November: A book recommended by a local bookseller
  • December: A book published in 2023